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Tokaido – Gloves

33.00 These specially for kumite developed karate gloves by Tokaido are made of very light polyurethane which ensures optimal damping. The coating made ​​of synthetic leather provides water- and sweat- repellent properties. • WKF approved karate mitts • suitable for competitions • easy to clean • artificial leather cover • available in blue and red

Tokaido – Shin/foot guard WKF

53.00 An via velcro interconnected combination of karate foot and shin protection by Tokaido. Two by the WKF approved karate protectors, which together offer optimum safety and freedom of movement. Ideal for both (kumite-) training and competition.

Tokaido – Foot guard WKF

33.00 Safe karate foot guard by Tokaido, made ​​of lightweight, dimensionally stable polyurethane. The surface of water-repellent synthetic leather gives the necessary stability and can be easily cleaned. Velcro at the heel ensures the optimal fixation of the protector during both (kumite-) training and competition.

Tokaido MyBackPack – Sports backpack with Velcro

Tokaido sports backpack with a Velcro surface for adding stickers. It has a very sporty appearance and is spacious. Dimensions: 47x30x27 cm

Tokaido MyBag – Sports bag with Velcro

Tokaido sports bag with a Velcro surface for adding stickers. Its medium size makes this bag ideal for daily training or weekend competitions.

Tokaido – Kata Master Athletic WKF


This uniform is not for everyone! However, if you are looking for a first-class karate gi for kata competitions and championships, you will love the new Kata Master Athletic by Tokaido. The quality of the fabric specially developed for Kata leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the revised version of Team KI, the uniform fits even better and gives the competitor a distinctive charisma. An excellent Gi - designed by Kata athletes for Kata athletes.

Tokaido – Kumite Master Athletic WKF


The "Kumite Master Athletic" karate gi by Tokaido is the convincing result of intensive cooperation with experienced karate experts. This Gi can be rightly called the most innovative Kumite Master of all times. It sets new standards - especially in terms of cutting and features. Its features make it the ultimate karate uniform for ambitious Kumite athletes.

Tokaido – Kata master, 12 Oz WKF


A karate gi specially designed for Kata by Tokaido. This uniform can be worn at all competitions due to its WKF approval. The Ultimate-Sound technology provides impressive acoustic support for dynamic body movements.

Tokaido – Kumite Master RAW Premier League WKF


The Kumite Master RAW is an ultralight karate uniform for competitions with unbeatable value for money. The suit is a made of 100% polyester regular fit version. The pants have an extra wide and soft elastic waistband - for a high wearing comfort without painful pressure points. The innovative manufacturing method ensures a tremendous durability and longevity of the Karate Gi.

Tokaido – ULTIMATE Made in Japan 12oz


The new edition of the legendary Gi Ultimate (SAW) is designed for everyday all around training. Strong enough to last and light enough for comfort; the Ultimate will provide you with many years of service.

Tokaido Kumite Master Velcro WKF Approved

Kumite Master Velcro is the first kimono with red and blue patches on the shoulders. This allows for quick and easy switching from red to blue embroidery on the shoulders, and vice versa. The great comfort of this kimono is excellently complemented by its high durability. It comes with a soft elastic belt

Tokaido – Kumite Master Pro (5 Oz) WKF


The "Kumite Master PRO" is made of ultralight polyester and breathable mesh inlays. It enjoys great popularity among national fighters because of the typical kumite cut (long arms and legs) and the fact that it is officially WKF approved. This excellent karate gi is also suitable for trainers and passionate amateurs appreciating the benefits of a professional kumite karate uniform.