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Arawaza WKF approved Shin pad & Removable instep pad

60.00 Especially designed according to the safety rules implemented by the WKF Sport Commission Anti-slippery cover that holds the pads perfectly in place. Ergonomic shape designed with a natural curvature that moulds naturally for maximum comfort and security. Double stitching and reinforced elastics for added strength and quality. Very light and easy to clean. Removable foot protector

Arawaza – Black Diamond


This uniform comes in two different versions, regular uniform and WKF approved uniform (World Karate Federation). Here is the Black Diamond the highest quality KATA uniform produced by Arawaza in collaboration with the top athletes worldwide. With fabrics made in Japan, this uniform incorporates the innovative AAIR™ technology that will release the body heat without compromising the stiffness and the snap effect which are extremely important in any kata uniform. Coarse on the outside but soft on the inside, the Black Diamond is extremely comfortable against the skin. The specifically adapted body fit design will enhance your stances and will improve your techniques. Waistband with innovative tie system, brevetted by Arawaza, will support your lower back and keep the trousers it their place virtually eliminating the need for any further adjustment after repeated moves during performance. If you are searching for absolutely the best Kata uniform on the market, look no further. Black Diamond is simply the only uniform you will ever need to perform at your best.


Arawaza – Onyx Zero Gravity WKF


This uniform comes in two different versions, regular uniform and WKF approved uniform (World Karate Federation). We never settle for ordinary that’s why we’ve created the Onyx Zero Gravity which is the most technical and advanced kumite uniform ever made. Extremely light and resistant will offer the best performance during the highest level competitions and intense trainings. Endorsed and worn by numerous world champions it quickly became the number one kumite uniform worldwide. 5oz lightweight, microfiber.


Arawaza – Amber Evolution WKF

178.00193.00 Choose your option: Regular uniform or officially approved by WKF (World Karate Federation) Arawaza Amber Evolution meets the highest standards of top quality Japanese uniforms. After many years of intense research, Arawaza is proud to introduce its finest kata uniform that is certain not to disappoint. In collaboration with top athletes and masters worldwide, we have put in this technical uniform all our efforts and experience to bring you unmatched quality and performance, guaranteed. This kata uniform maintains its sharp crisp shape and has unmatched snap effect ideal for when performing fast techniques and moves. Outstanding karategi for top Kata practitioners and competitors at the highest levels.

Arawaza – Onyx Air WKF

141.00170.00 This uniform comes in two different versions, regular uniform and WKF approved uniform (World Karate Federation). Made with the most advanced fabric and manufacturing technology, Onyx Air is the ultimate uniform for any serious athlete. 6oz lightweight, microfiber.

Arawaza Onyx Oxygen WKF Approved

198.00215.00 Onyx Oxygen is our most technical and innovative kumite uniform ever made. This state-of-the-art advanced uniform offers a sleek modern design that is efficient, stylish and comfortable. It is extremely light, resistant and offers the best performance during highest-level competitions and intense trainings. While offering a luxurious appearance and maximum breathability, it will not stick, shrink nor wrinkle and dries very fast. 6oz feather-light, microfiber. Embroidery on the shoulders is in white color

Arawaza – Kumite Deluxe WKF

52.0060.00 Officially approved by the WKF (World Karate Federation) A high quality Kumite uniform at an affordable price. Without leaving out any of the top features of a high end uniform, the Arawaza Kumite Deluxe Uniform will offer you the same quality and performance as you would expect from any Arawaza products during intensive trainings and competitions. Aeration features, light embossed fabric, modern design and very resistant, these are only a few of the features that make the Deluxe Kumite Uniform the best value for quality in its class. Jacket comes with the “A” embroidered logo on the right chest and back of the neck. Trousers with elastic waistband and additional drawstring. Minimal shrinkage, 8 oz, lightweight embossed designed poly/cotton blend.

Arawaza – Gear bag

30.00 Made for martial arts practitioners, by listening to our customers and the experiences of leading worldwide competitors, we have developed our gear bag to satisfy the huge demand towards this product. The bag can be used to carry all your equipment during indoor tournaments as well as outdoors as a regular dojo bag.