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Tokaido – Gloves

28.00 These specially for kumite developed karate gloves by Tokaido are made of very light polyurethane which ensures optimal damping. The coating made ​​of synthetic leather provides water- and sweat- repellent properties. • WKF approved karate mitts • suitable for competitions • easy to clean • artificial leather cover • available in blue and red

Tokaido – Shin/foot guard WKF

46.00 An via velcro interconnected combination of karate foot and shin protection by Tokaido. Two by the WKF approved karate protectors, which together offer optimum safety and freedom of movement. Ideal for both (kumite-) training and competition.

Tokaido – Foot guard WKF

28.00 Safe karate foot guard by Tokaido, made ​​of lightweight, dimensionally stable polyurethane. The surface of water-repellent synthetic leather gives the necessary stability and can be easily cleaned. Velcro at the heel ensures the optimal fixation of the protector during both (kumite-) training and competition.

Tokaido – Body Protector WKF

74.00 The TOKAIDO WKF Body Protector is compulsory in the cadet category. It is worn under the karate uniform and is designed to prevent impact from accidental punches in the chest and side by absorbing and distributing the force. The exterior is made of high tech "CORDURA" fabric for resistance to tears, rips, and scuffs. The inner fabric utilizes COOLMAX technology with cushioning foam for comfort and strength. Machine Washable on the gentlest cycles.

Tokaido – Shin guard

26.00 This excellent karate shin guard by Tokaido is the best choice for those who place great emphasis on optimum protection and wearing comfort. Soft foam, coated with leatherette makes it extremely lightweight and durable. A shin protector, developed to satisfy even the highest demands on safety during (kumite-) training and competition..